You can’t beat city hall, or can you?

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department narcotics detail served early morning search warrants on multiple locations seeking to arrest suspects believed to be involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics. The search warrants were the culmination of an investigation that spanned several months. One of those residences was the home of our 70 year old clients who had never been arrested for anything in their lives. They were woken up by a battering ram at 5:00 am, taken out of their home at gunpoint while dressed in bath robes in full view of their curious neighbors and subjected to a lengthy and humiliating search of their home. Despite the fact that no evidence was found in our client’s home and the obvious conclusion that they had hit the wrong house, the County of Los Angeles refused to admit they made a mistake. Instead they hired a renowned expert to defend their actions in court.

The Plaintiff’s hired me! Drawing upon 25 years of law enforcement experience that included 14 years of SWAT, nearly four years as a narcotics investigator and another three years as a gang unit supervisor, I embarked upon a thorough review of all police reports and depositions in the case. I articulated conclusively in my investigation report and subsequent deposition testimony that the case investigator had misidentified the residence of the target of their investigation by relying exclusively upon the word of an informant, without vetting that information to assure its accuracy. The Plaintiff’s attorney I collaborated with on this case informed me after my deposition; “LA County settled the case”, and concluded by telling me, “They never do that!”

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