Veronica Mar’s Musical Moments

The 1970′sand 80′s brought us a number of memorable TV private detectives. My personal favorites from the 70′s being James Gardner as the fast talking ex-con-turned-PI in the Rockford Files, and monster chasing investigative reporter Carl Kolchak, in The Night Stalker.  Robert Urich’s portrayal of PI Dan Tanna in Vega$ transitioned us into the 80′s followed by Tom Selleck’s cool character in Magnum, PI and Stacey Keach as the rough and tumble ladies man in Mike Hammer


TV’s most recent private eye phenom, Veronica Mars, portrayed by Kristen Bell is a clean break from the stereotypical tough guy mold of the past.   Veronica Mars is a spunky teenage girl turned PI after the murder of her best friend.  The show ran from 2004-2007 to a dedicated fan base.    Perhaps the success of Veronica Mars is linked to the success of the many accomplished professional female investigators, including several Hunt Private Investigations associate investigators in what was perceived to be a male dominated industry.

 Here is the link to a recently posted article about the shows nostalgic musical moments:


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