The Power of the Sheriff

If you’ve ever wondered why your local county sheriff is elected rather than appointed like police chiefs are or if you are interested in what role the sheriff is SUPPOSED to play in the protection of your constitutional rights, you need to get to know Sheriff Richard Mack!  Sheriff Mack has been leading the fight to protect our Constitutional rights long before the Tea Party movement made it fashionable.  Sheriff Mack sacrificed his career as Sheriff of Graham County, Az., by leading the fight against the Clinton administrations attempt to compel county sheriff’s into enforcing the un-constitutional Brady Bill.  After a long and personally costly legal fight, Sheriff Mack eventually won in a landmark US Supreme Court Decision. You can hear his remarkable story from the man himself because he is tonight’s featured speaker for the California Coalition for Immigration Reform: 

DATE: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WHERE: Garden Grove Women’s Club, 9501 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

TIME: 7:30 PM COST: Reservations: CCIR members $15 EACH – Non-members $20 EACH **AT DOOR, ADD $5

If you can’t make it, be sure to check out Sheriff Mack’s informative website:   Sheriff Mack is truly on the front lines fighting for you.  I’m proud to call him a friend and I hope to see you there tonight!

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