PI Industry – In the News April 28, 2011

Defendant marries alleged victim in statutory rape case

Los Angeles Times

Penny Freeman said investigators checked the couple’s criminal history, found no record and felt they did not have enough information to follow up with the girl or her mother. Still concerned, the aunt approached a private investigator, who watched the …

Pair accused of being private investigators without licenses

Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — A pair of men who prosecutors say were running their own private investigator business have been charged in 3rd District Court with not being licensed. The men actually went to the Bureau of Criminal Identification at one point to …

 Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues Coming Soon to Nintendo DS


In Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues players are thrown in to the frantic life of Zoey, a private investigator and owner of a thriving detective agency in Hollywood. The game’s plot revolves around the death of Peter, a famous actor involved in a freak …

Huntington breathes life into ‘Dylan Dog’ zombie role

Boston Herald

In Friday’s “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night,” Huntington, 29, is Marcus, the undead assistant to Brandon Routh’s Dylan Dog, the world’s only living private investigator of the undead. His motto: “No pulse, no problem.” Fans of Syfy’s “Being Human” series …

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