PI Industry in the News! – June 17, 2011

Hundreds Of Counterfeit Sports Items Seized
WMUR Manchester
Hampton police said private investigators hired by the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL told them that items at Shirt Mania on Ocean Boulevard were not officially licensed. Armed with a search warrant, police seized 500 items. “There were Red Sox items, …

Private investigation: Myths and realities – by Tjay Kane – Helium
The image of a private investigator that many people hold in their minds is often formed by the images projected from movie screens and television…, …

Missing IU student case featured on ‘AMW’
USA Today
Her father, Daniel Siegel, 54, a private investigator, also refused to give up. “I went flying down a cliff today and banged my ribs,” he said of his morning search. “But that’s very small potatoes in the grand scheme of what we’re doing. …

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