PI Industry in the News!- July 15, 2011

How easy is it for someone to hack your cell phone?
News 8 KFMB
News 8 spoke to a private investigator to find out how to prevent strangers from hacking into your phone. The hacking scandal in Great Britain has revealed just how easy it is to break into someone’s voice mail. In many cases, all you need is the …

Whistleblower: Scammers caught on tape
Minneapolis Star Tribune
A retired New Brighton detective got a call saying his daughter was in jail in Dallas and he had to wire $5300 to bail her out. Robert Comer, a retired private investigator who lives in New Brighton, didn’t fall for the long-distance swindlers, …

Sex predators target kids online: 40% rise in cases of children being lured by pedophiles says Private Eye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          According to city-based private detective firms, a 40 per cent rise in cases of children being lured by paedophiles to indulge in cyber nudity has been recorded this year.  With children of impressionable age getting increasingly savvy with …

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