PI Industry- In the News! -July 1, 2011

Team 4: School Administrator Caught Heading To Bar During Work Hours
WTAE Pittsburgh
One week later, a private investigator got video of Cunningham drinking a beer in the bar between 1 pm and 2 pm on a school day. Another private investigator got pictures of Cunningham drinking two beers and two whiskeys between 2:15 pm and 3:15 pm on …

Sherlock Reloaded: The Advent Of Online Private Investigation
Private investigation has a lot of imagery and clichés attached to it. There is the “lone wolf” investigator who, for one reason or the other is unattached …

Beekeeper Sting Catches Honey Thief
Foothills Sun Gazette
The private investigators then turned Gonzalez over the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department’s Ag Crimes Unit. Assistant District Attorney Shani Jenkins said Gonzalez is being charged with one count of grand theft by embezzlement with a special …

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