PI Industry- In the news! – May 20, 2011

Malcolm Plummer noting half century as private investigator

Syracuse.com (blog)

Plummer, a private investigator, is the director of PIB Investigations in Syracuse. He is celebrating 50 years in the business. Editorial assistant Nariman Jiries recently interviewed Mac Plummer, agency director of PIB Investigations, Syracuse, …

Private investigator: Publicity will help solve case of deceased boy

By Deborah Mcdermott Private investigator Don Nason said when the young child’s body found in South Berwick, Maine, is identified, the story behind the death is “probably not going to be good.” Nason, a former police officer who started the nonprofit 

Worker insurance fraud up, but bosses do it, too

Private investigators often use cameras hidden in pens and in remote car-door openers to catch workers. By MARK DOUGLAS | News Channel 8 Even during a troubled economy, and possibly because of it, business has never been better for Paul Colbert. …

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