PI Indsutry In The News – August 26, 2011

Triton Football: District Acted After Probe by Private Investigator
San Clemente Times

A private investigator’s recent findings into financial improprieties with defunct Lapes Athletic Team Sales led Capistrano Unified School administrators to remove San Clemente High football coaches last week, district officials … (Read More)

Families hire private investigator to track former psychiatrist accused of molesting patients                                                                                                           San Jose Mercury News

(Dan Honda/Staff) In a last-ditch effort to show William Ayres is competent to stand trial on molestation charges, families of alleged victims hired a private investigator to tail the once-prominent child psychiatrist last week to a restaurant in San … (Read More)

Chester native sitting on death row in Fla. hopes for new beginning
Delaware County Daily Times

The family of Brooks and Davis believe the new evidence, and note a private investigator has confirmed its legitimacy. Continued… Elmore, who prosecuted both Davis and Brooks, maintains the state has convicted the correct murderers. … (Read more)


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