Employment and Workplace Investigations

Allegations of employee misconduct are disruptive to the work place, increase tension between management and labor and lead to increased liability for your business or agency.

When an employee is suspected or accused of wrongdoing, a timely and objective investigation is necessary to determine the facts.

Using independent investigators who are not part of your organization eliminates the appearance of impropriety and minimizes the likelihood for accusations of a pre-determined outcome.

Hunt Private Investigations Associates are experienced in conducting employment investigations and have a thorough understanding of employment laws governing workplace impropriety investigations. We conduct unbiased and professional investigations and provide you with a comprehensive report of the circumstances in order for you to make timely and informed decisions on personnel matters including:

  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Hostile work environment claims
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Discrimination claims
  • Workplace violence
  • Health and safety (OSHA) violation claims

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