Criminal Defense Investigations

Our system of criminal justice ensures that persons accused of committing a crime receive due process and the right to a defense. Just because a person is arrested and charged with a crime does not mean that they are guilty! In many cases, mitigating factors that we not considered by the arresting and prosecuting agency can lead to a dismissal or reduction of charges.

Hunt Private Investigations Associates are retired law enforcement investigators with years of experience conducting thorough and complete criminal investigations that include:

  • Thorough review of case documents and reports
  • Analyze police procedures
  • Review of police interviews and interrogations
  • Evaluate use of force
  • Evaluation of the incident scene
  • Locate and interview overlooked witnesses and evidence
  • Conduct background searches on prosecution witnesses and experts
  • Provide expert testimony based on the results of our investigation

We partner with your legal representation to provide for the best defense possible for your clients! Call us today for your case.

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