I want a Mulligan!

Our client was sued by a direct competitor who was looking to put our client out of takeover by making false claims against our client’s company and entangling him in costly litigation.

We conducted a background investigation on the competitor and found that he was living under an altered spelling of his true name to hide the fact that he is a convicted felon on federal parole. As a condition of his parole, he was not supposed to be running a business in the industry he was in. In addition, we revealed that he lied about his education and other background mater during a deposition under oath. Finally, we were able to contact the victims of his criminal conviction. Who were owed hundred of thousands of dollars in restitution that the subject had failed to pay.

When the result of our investigation was revealed in court the subject’s lawyers dropped their case on the spot. The felon’s business has since been placed in receivership pending a forced sale to benefit victims of his past crimes.

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