Egomaniac, disgraced, former PI can’t tolerate being one-upped by the News of the World scandal

I don’t know why, but I am always amazed by the ego and lack of shame from some people.  You would think that once someone has become publicly disgraced, indicted and sent to prison they’d find a little humility. But Anthony Pellicano the former self appointed “PI to the stars” just can’t stand being one upped by the  News of the World phone hacking scandal.  This week he took the opportunity to break hi silence and pat himself on the back for being “ahead of his time”.  Well, he wasn’t that much ahead of his time.  As I recall it Pellicano got caught long before they did!  Who can blame him I guess, G. Gordon Liddy became a darling of conservative talk radio and is now a spokesman for gold of all things after serving time in prison for master minding the bungling Watergate burglaries.  Oliver North disgraced himself and the US Marine Corps for his actions in the Iran Contra scandal and now has his very own TV show on Fox News.  Mark Fuhrman left the LAPD in disgrace for perjuring himself in the OJ Simpson criminal trial, quite possibly costing the prosecution a conviction.   With role models like these, I guess you can’t blame Pellicano for trying!   Click to read more

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