Corporate Malfeasance Exposed

My client took over his family business after the passing of his father who founded and grew the business over the course of 30 years. When our client attempted to institute some operational reforms, the long time operations manager resisted and obstructed his efforts. Upon reviewing company records, he began to suspect the operations manager was stealing from the company and misappropriating company resources. Without warning, the operations manager quit and went immediately to work for a direct competitor taking the companies oldest and largest client with her in violation of the non-compete clause in her employment contract.

We conducted in depth interviews with the manger’s supervisors and employees of the company and a thorough review of company financial, staffing and payroll records. Our investigation produced revealed that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been stolen from the company over several years from theft, unauthorized use of company resources and unauthorized use of employees at company expense including extensive remodeling of the operation’s managers home.

Based on our investigation, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed 11 felony counts of Grand Theft by Embezzlement against the operations manager. Our investigation was also relied upon heavily a civil action related to the operations manager’s breaches of contract. That litigation is on-going.

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