Can’t we all just get along?

My client was a 20 year old college student out with three friends. After exiting a 7-11 store at about 3:30 am, there was an altercation that resulted in the arrest of my client and his friends for hate crime, robbery and assault. The charges were based solely upon the allegations the alleged victim made to the police. During the initial interview with my client and his friends, all four insisted the victim had in fact initiated an assault on two of them and that all they did was fend them off and be on their way. The store surveillance cameras did not cover the area on the street where the incident occurred.

We canvassed the neighborhood and located the witness who called 9-11 to report the altercation, which occurred outside his bedroom window and woke him up. The witness told me that from his perspective, the alleged victim appeared to be the aggressor and was being held back by one of the four friends as he tried to lunge at one of the others. The witness said he told the 9-1-1 operator the same thing but advised me that investigator who called to follow-up with him the following morning tried to convince him it was a racially motivated crime. The witness stated flatly, “The only time I ever heard race mentioned was when the black guy told the police, I got jumped by four white guys”. After reviewing our investigation report no charges were ever filed against my client or his friends.

You can’t beat city hall, or can you?

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department narcotics detail served early morning search warrants on multiple locations seeking to arrest suspects believed to be involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics. The search warrants were the culmination of an investigation that spanned several months. One of those residences was the home of our 70 year old clients who had never been arrested for anything in their lives. They were woken up by a battering ram at 5:00 am, taken out of their home at gunpoint while dressed in bath robes in full view of their curious neighbors and subjected to a lengthy and humiliating search of their home. Despite the fact that no evidence was found in our client’s home and the obvious conclusion that they had hit the wrong house, the County of Los Angeles refused to admit they made a mistake. Instead they hired a renowned expert to defend their actions in court.

The Plaintiff’s hired me! Drawing upon 25 years of law enforcement experience that included 14 years of SWAT, nearly four years as a narcotics investigator and another three years as a gang unit supervisor, I embarked upon a thorough review of all police reports and depositions in the case. I articulated conclusively in my investigation report and subsequent deposition testimony that the case investigator had misidentified the residence of the target of their investigation by relying exclusively upon the word of an informant, without vetting that information to assure its accuracy. The Plaintiff’s attorney I collaborated with on this case informed me after my deposition; “LA County settled the case”, and concluded by telling me, “They never do that!”

This case went down hill in a hurry

Our client was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in the death of a cyclist. The case was widely reported and politically charged in the local cycling community. The district attorney’s office was seriously contemplating charging our 19- year old client with vehicular manslaughter, a charge with very serious consequences. We conducted a thorough evaluation of police reports and reviewed the scene of the accident. We located witnesses who had not been interviewed by the police, including the witness who called 9-1-1 to report the accident! Our investigation revealed conclusively that the cyclist was 100 % at fault for the accident due to unsafe downhill speed and failure to yield to on-coming traffic. No criminal charges were ever filed against our client.

Corporate Malfeasance Exposed

My client took over his family business after the passing of his father who founded and grew the business over the course of 30 years. When our client attempted to institute some operational reforms, the long time operations manager resisted and obstructed his efforts. Upon reviewing company records, he began to suspect the operations manager was stealing from the company and misappropriating company resources. Without warning, the operations manager quit and went immediately to work for a direct competitor taking the companies oldest and largest client with her in violation of the non-compete clause in her employment contract.

We conducted in depth interviews with the manger’s supervisors and employees of the company and a thorough review of company financial, staffing and payroll records. Our investigation produced revealed that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been stolen from the company over several years from theft, unauthorized use of company resources and unauthorized use of employees at company expense including extensive remodeling of the operation’s managers home.

Based on our investigation, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed 11 felony counts of Grand Theft by Embezzlement against the operations manager. Our investigation was also relied upon heavily a civil action related to the operations manager’s breaches of contract. That litigation is on-going.

Groundhog Day

Our fugitive skipped on a $250,000 bond out of Los Angeles County. In addition to our bail case, she had over $100,000 in outstanding warrants in Orange and San Diego Counties. Over the course of a three month investigation in collaboration with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, we uncovered numerous fraud victims of our fugitive who posed as a real estate agent, produced false records and credit reports and took fraudulent possession of numerous properties in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. With the assistance of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, we located and apprehended the fugitive at an apartment complex in Anaheim Hills. She was booked into Riverside County Jail on felony grand theft charges with false pretenses and held on a bail of $350,000 in addition to our fugitive warrant. She was subsequently sentenced to five years in state prison. We are grateful to the cooperation and professionalism and of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department for their assistance in this investigation.

Our fugitive skipped on a $150,000 bond out of Orange County for sales and transportation of narcotics. Other fugitive recovery agents had worked the case for over 9 months but were unable to locate the fugitive. We had less than 90 days to locate and apprehend the fugitive or the bond company would have to pay the face value of the bond to the court. Through a diligent investigation in collaboration with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Westminster Police Department, we were able to ascertain that the fugitive was staying with a former girlfriend in the State of Texas. The information we developed provided the U.S. Marshall’s Fugitive Task force with enough information to locate and apprehend the fugitive in a hotel room in Houston Texas. The fugitive was in possession of pounds of marijuana and will remain a guest of the Lone star State for the foreseeable future. He was booked into in the Harris County Texas jail on more drug charges with a fugitive hold out of Orange County. We are grateful for the cooperation of the many law enforcement agencies that assisted with this investigation.

Dr. Love

Our client lives on the East coast and suspected that her dentist husband had flown his mistress to California to spend time with her in the Golden State after taking his dental board exam. We followed the subject from the exam location to the Orange County airport where he picked up his mistress, dressed for a weekend in sunny So Cal. Within hours we were able to confirm with photo and video proof the infidelity that our client suspected from Dr. Love.

I want a Mulligan!

Our client was sued by a direct competitor who was looking to put our client out of takeover by making false claims against our client’s company and entangling him in costly litigation.

We conducted a background investigation on the competitor and found that he was living under an altered spelling of his true name to hide the fact that he is a convicted felon on federal parole. As a condition of his parole, he was not supposed to be running a business in the industry he was in. In addition, we revealed that he lied about his education and other background mater during a deposition under oath. Finally, we were able to contact the victims of his criminal conviction. Who were owed hundred of thousands of dollars in restitution that the subject had failed to pay.

When the result of our investigation was revealed in court the subject’s lawyers dropped their case on the spot. The felon’s business has since been placed in receivership pending a forced sale to benefit victims of his past crimes.

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