Shot Five Times?

I thought this article was classic.  It doesn’t give very much background on how former South African PI Bob Latimer got shot FIVE TIMES but, take a hint! Intuition is a good attribute in this business…

Food Detective: Elusive eats, only in the wild Chicago Sun-Times BY DAVID HAMMOND December 13, 2011 6:52PM After Bob Latimer was shot for the fifth time during his career as a private investigator, he decided to retire from the gumshoe biz and work for the South Australian Tourism Commission. … (Click here to read the entire article)

Seattle Super Hero Fights Crime and Criminal Case

This is awesome!  A real life Seattle superhero who dubs himself Phoenix Jones actually fights crime decked out in a pretty cool looking super hero costume with a side kick named Ghost.
The two of them broke up a gang assault and wound up being charged with a crime themselves.  I just saw Phoenix being interviewed on Fox News, Kelly’s Court with Megyn Kelly.  I have to admit, I was truly impressed with the way he conducted himself in the interview and explained why he does what he does.  Simply put, “Crime is not OK.”  Something I think all law abiding citizens can agree on!  Maybe the well intentioned but miss-guided prosecutor charging Phoenix Jones with violating the law needs to put things in perspective and stick to charging crooks with crimes and leave him alone.  One of the dangers with government service is that they seem to think they are the only ones who can do what they do effectively.  But you know what they say, “There’s never a cop around when you need one”.  So, what SHOULD YOU DO IN THAT CASE?  Why not call a real life Super Hero?  Go Phoenix Jones!

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PI Indsutry In The News – August 26, 2011

Triton Football: District Acted After Probe by Private Investigator
San Clemente Times

A private investigator’s recent findings into financial improprieties with defunct Lapes Athletic Team Sales led Capistrano Unified School administrators to remove San Clemente High football coaches last week, district officials … (Read More)

Families hire private investigator to track former psychiatrist accused of molesting patients                                                                                                           San Jose Mercury News

(Dan Honda/Staff) In a last-ditch effort to show William Ayres is competent to stand trial on molestation charges, families of alleged victims hired a private investigator to tail the once-prominent child psychiatrist last week to a restaurant in San … (Read More)

Chester native sitting on death row in Fla. hopes for new beginning
Delaware County Daily Times

The family of Brooks and Davis believe the new evidence, and note a private investigator has confirmed its legitimacy. Continued… Elmore, who prosecuted both Davis and Brooks, maintains the state has convicted the correct murderers. … (Read more)


Egomaniac, disgraced, former PI can’t tolerate being one-upped by the News of the World scandal

I don’t know why, but I am always amazed by the ego and lack of shame from some people.  You would think that once someone has become publicly disgraced, indicted and sent to prison they’d find a little humility. But Anthony Pellicano the former self appointed “PI to the stars” just can’t stand being one upped by the  News of the World phone hacking scandal.  This week he took the opportunity to break hi silence and pat himself on the back for being “ahead of his time”.  Well, he wasn’t that much ahead of his time.  As I recall it Pellicano got caught long before they did!  Who can blame him I guess, G. Gordon Liddy became a darling of conservative talk radio and is now a spokesman for gold of all things after serving time in prison for master minding the bungling Watergate burglaries.  Oliver North disgraced himself and the US Marine Corps for his actions in the Iran Contra scandal and now has his very own TV show on Fox News.  Mark Fuhrman left the LAPD in disgrace for perjuring himself in the OJ Simpson criminal trial, quite possibly costing the prosecution a conviction.   With role models like these, I guess you can’t blame Pellicano for trying!   Click to read more

Private Investigators In The News – August 6, 2011

School districts step up border surveillance amid financial strain

Chicago Tribune

Many schools turn to private investigators for help in rooting out the boundary-hoppers by tailing parents, staking out homes, and tracking comings and goings. Private investigator William Beitler, CEO of Channahon-based National Investigators Inc., … (Read more)

Connecticut Private Investigator Discusses The Personality Traits of a Cheating Spouse

Online PR News (press release)
Leading private investigator says that a new study looks beyond demographics to figure out why spouses cheat. Online PR News – 03-August-2011 –“It is quite natural to wonder what it is exactly that makes a person stray,” says Christopher Paoletti, … (Read more)

New Spenser, Nameless Detective entries are great summer reads

Lansing State Journal

Both are well-known for their long-running series starring a hard-working private investigator, but unfortunately Parker died early last year. “Sixkill” (Putnam, $26.95) is the 39th in his best-selling and exceptionally popular series starring Boston … (Read more)

Clandestine PI Activity Central to News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal

Has our profession been given another black eye?

BBC News NoW investigator Glenn Mulcairetold to hack

The private investigator at the centre of the News of the World phonehacking claimsacted on the instructions of others his lawyers have said …(Read More)

Has the hacking scandal hit the private eye business?

BBC News

So concerned about the image presented of their profession, private investigators have now called for more regulation. Tom Connell, a private investigator based in Glasgow, wants to see change. He said: “My father was a detective, and he was involved …(read more)

NoW phone-hacking saga: the legal line-up

The Lawyer

He ordered private investigator Glenn Mulcaire to disclose all papers relating to the Hackgate affair in February. Vos J is a popular figure on the bench, which he joined in October 1999. He is perceived to be an even-handed judge who can handle the …(Read More)




PI Industry in the News! – July 22, 2011

Investigators or Detectives
Finding a qualified and competent private investigator is not always easy. This lens will discuss the roles and responsibilities of a PI as well as some of.

Philippines Private Investigators Uncover Fake Medicine Scam
Health issues are always a cause for concern, and these days people use the internet to study conditions on their own, so they can be more informed, …

NYC Private Investigator Catches Cheating Husband With Video Surveillance, Hidden Cameras & Keylogger Software                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The wife of the cheating husband inquired about installing hidden video cameras over the computer to try to catch her husband cheating with the mistress online via remote video surveillance recording.

PI Industry in the News!- July 15, 2011

How easy is it for someone to hack your cell phone?
News 8 KFMB
News 8 spoke to a private investigator to find out how to prevent strangers from hacking into your phone. The hacking scandal in Great Britain has revealed just how easy it is to break into someone’s voice mail. In many cases, all you need is the …

Whistleblower: Scammers caught on tape
Minneapolis Star Tribune
A retired New Brighton detective got a call saying his daughter was in jail in Dallas and he had to wire $5300 to bail her out. Robert Comer, a retired private investigator who lives in New Brighton, didn’t fall for the long-distance swindlers, …

Sex predators target kids online: 40% rise in cases of children being lured by pedophiles says Private Eye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          According to city-based private detective firms, a 40 per cent rise in cases of children being lured by paedophiles to indulge in cyber nudity has been recorded this year.  With children of impressionable age getting increasingly savvy with …

PI Industry in the News!- July 8, 2011

What Is The Private Investigators Most Prominent Work?
If you ask anyone what kind of work they thought a Private investigator does, many people would say they were a spy for hire. Many PI’s are actually ex cops …

Would Your Partner Cheat on Facebook?
PR Urgent
Unlike other most private investigators who typically charge hundreds, of not thousands of pounds per investigation due to the labour and time intensive investigative methods used, are different. Living in the digital age offers the …

Judge Rules Use of GPS to Track a Cheating Spouse Is Not an Invasion of Privacy
The Star-Ledger –
“For the appellate division to say that it’s not an invasion of privacy is a wonderful thing for the private investigation business,” said Lisa Reed, owner of LSR Investigations in Flemington. “It’s been something we’ve been haggling over for some …

Casey Anthony Acquittal: Winners and Losers

As a former career cop and private investigator that has been working criminal defense cases for the last four years, I cannot see a clear cut winner in the Casey Anthony murder trial verdict, only one loser, little Caylee whose murder it seems is likely to go unpunished, at least in this life. 

 In the days ahead a lot of criticism will be levied at the police; some deserved. Their  inadequate response to a witness report of the possibility of a human skull in the woods near the Anthony’s home delayed the discovery of Caylee’s body by five months.  That move likely cost the police and prosecutors the physical evidence they needed to prove this case, regardless of how it happened.  However, there were many other police and forensic investigators who devoted themselves to this case who cannot be blamed for not finding what wasn’t there.  At least they can’t be accused of manufacturing evidence, a charge we hear all too often, sadly enough.

The prosecutors will be criticized for the case they presented to the jury and it will likely be harsh.  Monday morning quarterbacks will second guess every decision the prosecutors made, from deciding to seek the death penalty, to their closing statement.  The prosecutors however, like the police were advocates for a deceased little girl that by all accounts was betrayed and murdered by her own mother. They mounted a very strong circumstantial case despite the lack of a literal smoking gun in this case.  To have done any less would have been an injustice to the victim and to the people they are sworn to represent.   

The defense will be criticized for getting a perceived murderer of the hook.  But should they be?  Although flawed, our criminal justice system is still the best in the world.  It is the best because it presumes our innocence until we have been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  The 5th and 6th Amendments to our Constitution ensure due process and the right to a vigorous defense when charged with a crime.  If you or your loved one were charged with a crime would you want it any other way?  Can we criticize Casey Anthony’s defense team for doing their job and holding the prosecution accountable to the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt?

The jury is already being called out to explain themselves and their decision to the media.  But the jury does not have to put themselves on trial whether the media likes it or not.  Their obligation is complete.  They sacrificed several weeks of their time sequestered from their families and lives through this media circus of a trail,  They listened to the evidence and make a very tough decision based upon that evidence.  They did so, and there wasn’t a single hold out, arriving at a unanimous verdict. 

Casey Anthony herself may feel like a winner in the short term. She was spared any significant conviction in the death of her daughter.  In the long term, however, she’s got to deal with the loss of her daughter and a severely damaged public reputation, if she was not involved in her daughter’s death.  That’s not something I’d envy her about.  If she is responsible for her daughter’s death, she’s got to live with that too.  She may write a book or become the flavor of the day in the next big reality show.  For her to do what she is alleged to have done would require her to be a true sociopath, and I wouldn’t want to trade places with someone with that personality trait.  They all seem to end up in prison sooner or later, they can’t help themselves.  Besides, who’s going to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner?

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