PI Indsutry In The News – August 26, 2011

Triton Football: District Acted After Probe by Private Investigator
San Clemente Times

A private investigator’s recent findings into financial improprieties with defunct Lapes Athletic Team Sales led Capistrano Unified School administrators to remove San Clemente High football coaches last week, district officials … (Read More)

Families hire private investigator to track former psychiatrist accused of molesting patients                                                                                                           San Jose Mercury News

(Dan Honda/Staff) In a last-ditch effort to show William Ayres is competent to stand trial on molestation charges, families of alleged victims hired a private investigator to tail the once-prominent child psychiatrist last week to a restaurant in San … (Read More)

Chester native sitting on death row in Fla. hopes for new beginning
Delaware County Daily Times

The family of Brooks and Davis believe the new evidence, and note a private investigator has confirmed its legitimacy. Continued… Elmore, who prosecuted both Davis and Brooks, maintains the state has convicted the correct murderers. … (Read more)


Egomaniac, disgraced, former PI can’t tolerate being one-upped by the News of the World scandal

I don’t know why, but I am always amazed by the ego and lack of shame from some people.  You would think that once someone has become publicly disgraced, indicted and sent to prison they’d find a little humility. But Anthony Pellicano the former self appointed “PI to the stars” just can’t stand being one upped by the  News of the World phone hacking scandal.  This week he took the opportunity to break hi silence and pat himself on the back for being “ahead of his time”.  Well, he wasn’t that much ahead of his time.  As I recall it Pellicano got caught long before they did!  Who can blame him I guess, G. Gordon Liddy became a darling of conservative talk radio and is now a spokesman for gold of all things after serving time in prison for master minding the bungling Watergate burglaries.  Oliver North disgraced himself and the US Marine Corps for his actions in the Iran Contra scandal and now has his very own TV show on Fox News.  Mark Fuhrman left the LAPD in disgrace for perjuring himself in the OJ Simpson criminal trial, quite possibly costing the prosecution a conviction.   With role models like these, I guess you can’t blame Pellicano for trying!   Click to read more

Private Investigators In The News – August 6, 2011

School districts step up border surveillance amid financial strain

Chicago Tribune

Many schools turn to private investigators for help in rooting out the boundary-hoppers by tailing parents, staking out homes, and tracking comings and goings. Private investigator William Beitler, CEO of Channahon-based National Investigators Inc., … (Read more)

Connecticut Private Investigator Discusses The Personality Traits of a Cheating Spouse

Online PR News (press release)
Leading private investigator says that a new study looks beyond demographics to figure out why spouses cheat. Online PR News – 03-August-2011 –“It is quite natural to wonder what it is exactly that makes a person stray,” says Christopher Paoletti, … (Read more)

New Spenser, Nameless Detective entries are great summer reads

Lansing State Journal

Both are well-known for their long-running series starring a hard-working private investigator, but unfortunately Parker died early last year. “Sixkill” (Putnam, $26.95) is the 39th in his best-selling and exceptionally popular series starring Boston … (Read more)

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